Are You Beauty Obsessed?

Are You Beauty Obsessed?

10.06.2017 Off By Scott Adams

The number one product that women will not do without is lipstick. Lipstick is the top beauty selling product of all time. Most women absolutely swear by their lipstick, many saying that if they were on a dessert island this would be the one beauty product they would take with them. As a matter of fact, it has been reported that British women alone use so much lipstick that you can draw a line from London to New York with it each and every year. Lip liner and other lip beautifying products, such as lip gloss, are also extremely popular are amongst the most used beauty products.

Here’s the next product that most women wouldn’t dare leave the house without: mascara. Mascara gives our eyelashes that much needed “boost” every day, and it does it in such a way that most women feel absolutely naked if they go out into public without wearing it. Tens of millions of sweeps of mascara occur each year alone.

Another important beauty product that most women swear by is foundation. Well over 800 gallons of foundation is sold every year to women who want a clearer complexion. Taking into account that foundation can cost any where from $5 to $100 (with the average being between $20-$30), now that’s a whole lot of money being spent on mascara! But is it worth it?

In a recent survey, 19% of British women – that’s close to 1/5 – stated that they would gladly spend less money on food if that meant that they would then be able to afford these “beauty essentials”. As a matter of fact, over half of all people who responded to this survey admitted that the recent recession has not stopped them from purchasing products from the beauty stores. A lot of women will spend well over one year’s salary, tallying close to $70 000, on these products so that they feel prettier and more beautiful.

So are we beauty obsessed? One may think so, but one has to think about how they feel with and without make up. With so many women claiming that they would not even leave their house if it weren’t for makeup, you must think about the effect that not feeling beautiful would have on their lives. Confidence would plummet, which can have a systemic effect on many other aspects of their life: their career, their social life, their family life, and especially their personal life.

The important thing about beauty is to keep it all without reason and to keep it “real”. We aren’t all born with a natural full pout or long, dark eyelashes. Many of us have been plagued by blemishes that bring reason to wearing foundation, and have hips that are naturally too wide to fit into size 4 jeans. Bear in mind that we women are not supposed to look like a woman who walked out of the Vogue magazine and work with what you’ve got!