What Makeup To Skip Or Splurge On

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Foundation: SPLURGE Foundation is definitely something that you can splurge on. Buying a cheap or mediocre foundation will leave you wondering why you bothered wasting your money on the product in the first place. Cheap foundations do not have the right color and undertones in their products, they come off shortly after application, and they…
By Scott Adams

What Are Body Wraps?

15.12.2017 Off
If all you are looking for is a treatment that will leave your skin clean, purified and detoxified, then body wraps are for you. Though the “body slimming” type of body wraps are becoming increasingly popular, the classic body wrap is still the most commonly used. You can have your skin slathered down in a…
By Scott Adams

Exercises To Enhance Your Breasts

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Let’s clear up a common misconception: bigger does not always mean better. Beautiful breasts are ones that are taut and high, elastic, and toned. This is what will give your breasts a more youthful appearance and also keep them from the sagging that aging women always dread. Here’s how you can have a gorgeous bust…
By Scott Adams

Rediscovering Your Inner Beauty

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What we see in the mirror is often what we as a society defines as “beauty”, which means that the “inner beauty” we were taught to seek out as a child has been cast by the wayside. As women and men both grow older and watch the wrinkles, the age spots, the grey hairs and…
By Scott Adams

Top Hair Weaving Techniques

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Hair weaving is a very popular styling technique that those with thicker, less manageable hair decide to have “woven” into their hair. You can either weave fake or real human hair into your own hair to both extend your hair and to create a truly unique, different look. Most hair weaving techniques will last from one to three months in duration, all depending which weaving technique you decide to use. You can even use a brush that straightens hair.
By Scott Adams

Are You Beauty Obsessed?

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The number one product that women will not do without is lipstick. Lipstick is the top beauty selling product of all time. Most women absolutely swear by their lipstick, many saying that if they were on a dessert island this would be the one beauty product they would take with them. As a matter of…
By Scott Adams

How To Make Your Own Perfume

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Making your own perfume doesn’t have to be just because you have that “crafty” desire within; making your very own perfume is beneficial in several other ways too. For instance, did you know that any perfume that you buy in the store only costs about 10 percent of what you pay to make? It’s true!…
By Scott Adams