Black Mascara: Is It For Me?

Black Mascara: Is It For Me?

24.10.2017 Off By Scott Adams

Here’s the thing about black mascara: for a lot of us, “black” is not our natural hair color. Actually, it’s quite far from it! With so many blondes and brunettes on the planet, these are two hair colors that should not be using black mascara unless they are going for an extremely dramatic look. Only those with black hair should be using black mascara on their eyelashes. So what does that leave for the rest of us?

Brunettes have a few options, though the most flattering is almost always a brown-black shade of mascara. Going any darker than this could give you a vampish and “tacky” look that you are probably not going for when you put on your make up in the morning. Having that added element of brown to the black mascara will help soften your look and keep it natural.

Blondes should stick with mascara that is even lighter than that, like a brown shade of mascara. Oftentimes, wearing a dark mascara with lighter hair will look overbearing if not downright ridiculous, depending on your age. Women with red hair should follow the same rule. The lighter your hair is, the lighter your mascara should be.

TIP: For an extremely natural look, you can also opt to wear clear mascara. This will slightly darken your natural eye lashes while also keeping your look extremely natural.

So what do you do if you want some more definition? One easy trick for is to apply clear mascara overtop of your colored mascara. This will not only help add some extra definition to your already natural looking mascara color, but it will also help seal in the color and keep your mascara free from flaking throughout the duration of the day.

Another thing to be on the look out for is a curling mascara. These can add some extra “oomph” to your lashes, and these tend to come in every single shade and color that is out there today.

TIP: One step better than using a curling mascara is to actually use an eyelashes curler. Invest in a quality curler and curl your lashes prior to applying mascara to your lashes. You can easy do this by placing the base of your eye lashes between the curling mechanism, and then slowly squeezing the base with the curler. Hold the curl for 10 seconds or so, and then release your lashes. Apply your mascara overtop to help maintain that curl.

Choosing a lighter and more natural shade of mascara also gives you the option of layering your mascara to give yourself a bit more of a dramatic look without appearing overdone. Wait until each layer of mascara dries, and then add another. Follow up with clear mascara on top to help prevent your mascara from flaking off.