Effective Hair Loss Treatment For Women

Effective Hair Loss Treatment For Women

03.07.2018 Off By Scott Adams

Female hair loss differs from male hair loss as women tend to not suffer from the receding hair line and the thinning hair at the temples; rather, women experience hair loss ALL OVER their head, making the problem almost even more difficult and more obvious.

There are several reasons why women may be losing their hair, which can seem to complicate finding a hair loss treatment for women. Some of the reasons for hair loss in women include:

  • Genetics. Hair loss is almost always hereditary to some degree, so if your mother, grandmother or even great grandmother suffered from hair loss, you definitely have an increased risk.
  • Hormones. Hormonal changes are always occurring in women and at different stages in their life. Even taking a different birth control pill, or undergoing menopause, can cause hair loss for a woman. Hyperthyroidism is also a leading cause for hair loss in women as a hyperthyroid can completely alter the hormones in a woman’s body. Changes in hormones mean changes in function, which can affect hair production in a negative manner.
  • Stress. Who doesn’t experience stress? It’s those women who experience excessive stress for lengthy periods of time that often suffer from hair loss as a result. Exercise, take time for yourself, and eat right. These three things are wonderful natural solutions to female hair loss and balding.
  • Hair straightening tools: Choose only best hair straighteners.

“Medical” Hair Loss Treatments

There are a lot of products out there that will promise to replace your hair, but a lot of these products are also just a bunch of hooey. The one permanent solution to hair loss these days is hair transplantation surgery; that is a surefire way to regain the hair that you have lost, though if you do have a medical problem that is causing hair loss there is a good chance that the hair you transplanted will also fall out in time unless the underlying medical cause for the hair loss is treated.

In general, stay away from those creams and potions that promise to stimulate hair regrowth. These almost never work.

Natural Hair Loss Treatments

There are a lot of natural hair loss treatments out there, though very few of them actually work. One of the best that has proven successful, however, is Saw Palmetto. You will notice that Saw Palmetto is almost in every single natural hair loss treatment supplement out here, and for a good reason. It will reduce the hormone DHT, which is a well known hormone that actually blocks the growth of hair (especially in women!).

Saw Palmetto does have side effects, however, and can cause adverse effects if you are taking other medications. If you are planning on taking Saw Palmetto, definitely speak to your doctor before doing so particularly if you are pregnant.