Effective Hair Loss Treatment For Women

03.07.2018 Off
Female hair loss differs from male hair loss as women tend to not suffer from the receding hair line and the thinning hair at the temples; rather, women experience hair loss ALL OVER their head, making the problem almost even more difficult and more obvious. There are several reasons why women may be losing their…
By Scott Adams

Things To Consider With Permanent Hair Extensions

31.01.2018 Off
Let’s first state the obvious: longer hair takes more time than shorter hair. Blow drying, straightening with the best flat irons, and curling long hair takes a significant amount of time whereas shoulder length hair takes comparatively far less time to complete these tasks. Hair extensions also tend to tangle rather easily, and unless you have a good job done of them, they can look very fake very quickly.
By Scott Adams

What Is Hair Multiplication?

25.08.2017 Off
Read on to learn just why you may be losing your hair in the first place and how hair multiplication can help you. Why do we Lose our Hair? Each hair on our body goes through an estimated 2 to 6 year growth cycle. The hairs on our head grow about ½ an inch (or…
By Scott Adams