How To Find Your Perfect Winter Coat

How To Find Your Perfect Winter Coat

08.07.2017 Off By Scott Adams

Here’s the good news: there are winter jackets out there that can be flattering to you and your unique shape. Here are some of the hottest winter jackets of the season and whether or not the style is a good fit for you:

Faux Fur Coats

For those snow bunnies out there, faux fur may seem like it is a natural choice for a winter jacket. The only problem is that a lot of women become “lost” in a large faux fur jacket, especially if they are not tailored correctly.

Apple-shaped women, meaning those who are broad across the shoulders and narrow in the hip area, should look for faux fur jacket that have faux fur detail around the cuffs. This will help bring eyes to the hip line rather than have them focus on your broad shoulders. More petite women should seek out a shorter cut when hunting for the perfect faux fur jacket, as a longer length faux fur jacket will completely envelop your frame and give you an unflattering appearance.

Swing and Princess Style Coats

These types of jackets are great for almost any figure out there as they have more of an A-line shape which flatters all figures. Larger stomachs, larger chests, and even smaller chests all look great in a princess or swing-style jacket. Those women with a more petite frame will do well to choose a shorter jacket that also has a higher waist cut. The higher waist will help lengthen the legs and you will appear taller too.

For any other women who want to really accentuate their waist area, then look into buying a style that has shorter sleeves that are cut at the waistline.

Military-Style Coats

Military-style winter coats are almost always a top choice for women as they allow you to create that dramatic look in a more subtle and understated manner. Women who are taller should choose to wear a floor length jacket with a higher collar to really give themselves that strong, pronounced look. Curvier women will do well with a military-style jacket that has a belt around the waist.

This will help cinch the area in and it will accentuate your natural hourglass figure. Women with larger busts should seek out military-style jackets that offer deeper v-neck lines so that the eyes of all passer-by’s are drawn to your waist. This will help flatter both your waistline and your bust, and it will make you appear taller too!

There are a lot of different winter jackets that you will encounter on your next shopping venture. It’s important to look for coats that are of quality, that will are functional, and that will help you show off the natural shape of your body. Well tailored jackets and belts go a long way in helping you accentuate your figure, so show it off!