Organic Hair Care – The Healthier Alternative

Organic Hair Care – The Healthier Alternative

18.06.2017 Off By Scott Adams

Have you ever actually flipped over that bottle of shampoo or lotion and seen what’s in this stuff like after using best hot rollers? It’s not all nice “vitamin E” and “shea butter” as the front of the product would like you to believe. There’s maybe an ounce of each in anything and the rest is all made up of petrochemicals and waste products that the manufacturers then cover up with a dainty, delicate “fragrance”, a fragrance which is also made up of harmful, if not deadly, chemicals.

Join the revolution. Women worldwide are beginning to wake up and realize just how much they are paying for a beauty product that is stuffed full of dangerous “stuff”, a lot of which they don’t even recognize what it is to begin with. This is why women, men, and children are all exploring and using organic beauty options.

Before the whole “organic care” and “organic hair care” message is put on a pedestal, you must be aware that the regulation practices for organic beauty products is embarrassing, meaning that there is little to no regulation. This means that it is left to the consumer to read labels and decide which organic skin care and organic hair care products are right for them, and which are not.

So how can you make that decision? If you recognize the name on the back of the bottle and it’s under 3 syllables, there’s a good chance it is organic. If there are no dyes, no preservatives, no colors, no fragrances, and no words ending in a number (such as FD&C23) then that’s even better. True organic hair care products will contain 7 ingredients or less (usually) that are all listed with ingredients that a five year old can read and pronunciate. Some ingredients that you may be familiar with now but should still avoid (they are harmful!) include:

  • Parabens
  • Sodium laurel sulfate
  • Lauramide
  • Propylene glycol

Most importantly, if you come across an organic hair care product and you are not sure what it is, do a search on the Internet. In less than 1 second you will have several web pages telling you exactly what the ingredient is, whether it’s good for you or not, and perhaps also whether or not it is an organic product.

While you’re browsing on the Internet, check out some reviews for the organic hair care products you are interested in too. People are quite vocal when it comes to disliking a product, so you will be able to get a quick dose as to why someone did not like a particular product which can save you a whole lot of time and money too.

Speaking of money, be prepared to shell out a bit of extra cash for an organic product. They do have a shorter shelf life, so organic hair care companies are left with more excess waste and loss of income than those conventional hair care products that are pumped full of preservatives.