Rediscovering Your Inner Beauty

Rediscovering Your Inner Beauty

06.09.2017 Off By Scott Adams

What we see in the mirror is often what we as a society defines as “beauty”, which means that the “inner beauty” we were taught to seek out as a child has been cast by the wayside.

As women and men both grow older and watch the wrinkles, the age spots, the grey hairs and other signs of aging creep onto their bodies, they can either begin a serious round of Botox injections and plastic surgery, or they can begin to finally indulge in not only their own inner beauty, but the inner beauty of others.

So just what is inner beauty? Inner beauty is that spark that you will feel when you meet a person, either a “friendly” spark or a “romantic” spark, and that spark will draw you to them every time.

Inner beauty is a quality in both yourself and other people that makes you smile, makes you feel a deeper respect, adoration or even love (not necessarily romantic) for a person. Inner beauty is exactly that men and women need to discover about other men and women; otherwise that friendship or relationship is doomed for failure.

It’s hard for us as men and women to break out of the “beauty is tangible” shell. Sure, a beautiful woman is still a beautiful woman. A sunset is beautiful. A flower is beautiful. These are all things that we can see, touch, and smell. But beauty doesn’t exist only in the realm of what can be seen or touched or smelled.

Beauty extends past our 5 senses and into a 6th sort of sense that is ignited only when you find someone with true inner beauty. It has nothing to do with what scientist call the equation for beauty, which is the standard 36-24-36 measurements that all women are “supposed” to attain (yeah, right!); it has to do with being you.

It’s a hard world to be yourself these days, and oftentimes under piles of work, social commitments, and a number of other things we lose what intrinsically makes us, “us”. We forget to appreciate that scar on our face, a scar that comes with a fantastic (or perhaps not so fantastic) story.

We forget that it doesn’t matter if our teeth are not 100% perfect; there’s a story there! Believe it or not, but it also doesn’t matter if you have that hour glass frame and flat stomach. The key to inner beauty is confidence.

Confidence in one’s appearance, confidence in one’s abilities, and confidence that you are living as true to “you” as you possibly could be in this life that is so cluttered with so many other things that, in the long run, don’t even matter (like a fake tan and whiter teeth).