Standards Of Beauty In Today’s Western Civilization

Standards Of Beauty In Today’s Western Civilization

08.05.2017 Off By Scott Adams

What is beautiful in Sydney, Australia probably is not what is considered beautiful in the middle of Nigeria, Africa, but there’s a good chance that what is beautiful in Sydney is beautiful in London given the cultural and social norms that both cities share in that respect.

When looking at standards of beauty in today’s world, it’s first important to really discover what beauty even is. Beauty can be defined as a perceptual experience that gives you a feeing of pleasure, satisfaction, or meaning by simply looking at something.

Either a person, a place, object, idea, or any other number of things can be “beautiful” by this definition. That “beautiful” thing is admired for its perfection, or that “thing” defines what is understood as being the cultural norm for “beauty”.

The standards of beauty definitely have changed in time, seeming to go through its own ebb and flows of celebrating larger women to thinner women and back again. Currently we seem to be in a bit of a mid-way point, though it is certainly favoring the small hips/bigger busts.

In the Victorian era and earlier, larger women were what was considered beautiful. Why? Some will argue that the larger, more voluptuous figure was a sign of being fertile and being able to procreate. Men wanted women with larger “child bearing” hips so they knew that their chances of delivering a child safely increased. The intelligence of the women herself, when it came to “beauty”, wasn’t nearly as much of a consideration when it came to this.

Let’s fast forward to the 20th and 21st century now. These are the years where women finally gained a voice, were given the ability to vote in most Western countries, and were able to finally attend school with the “big boys” and were privy to most of the same resources and education.

In the first half of the 1900s, larger women were still celebrated. Think the Marilyn Monroe-type with the large bust and larger hips. The latter half of the 20th century, however, saw rise to almost emaciated woman.

The 1960s were perhaps the worst when it came to checking into the standards of beauty. Waif-like, ultra-thin women were all the rage. “Twiggy” was the most popular model of the decade, and she displayed a body type that was nearly unobtainable by 99% of the population – and for good reason! It’s rare for a woman to be built with such a slender, almost boyish figure.

Let’s move forward a bit more to modern day standards of beauty. Beauty these days doesn’t require you to be stick-thin, but it definitely does try to encourage the 36-24-36 ratio when it comes to attracting a mate. This means that we are expected to have a thin waist, while also having a nice round behind and large breasts.

Is this body shape obtainable? Hardly. But it’s a good thing that women can really scrap this whole “standards of beauty” garbage and kick it aside. Don’t believe me? Real men will stick with a “Barbie doll” for only so long until he craves a woman who can keep up with him intellectually.

Be that women he can’t keep up with when it comes to wit and smarts, and use this to your advantage. When it comes to standards of beauty, this is far more important than your bust size, your waist size, or your hip size.