The Biggest Skin And Hair Mistakes

The Biggest Skin And Hair Mistakes

03.11.2017 Off By Scott Adams

We all know that we are guilty of having some bad habits in life, and some of these definitely involve our hair and our skin!

Here are some of the worst of the worst skin and hair mistakes that almost all of us commit, and how to take a bit of a different and far more effective approach.

For the Pimple Poppers

Pimples: is there anything good about them? Absolutely not! All of us want the pimples to go away as soon as they possibly can, which never seems to be fast enough. Worst yet are the pimples that are brewing right below the surface of our skin that seemingly take for-EVER to go away!

People pop pimples, and many swear that getting the “goo” out helps them dry and heal and go away faster, but this could not be further from the truth. Using your finger tips or other implements that haven’t been sterilized leaves you at risk for infection, which is an even bigger and worse problem than simply having a pimple. Not only that, but you can be left with some horrible scabs and scarring that you will never be able to get away from!

If you have acne, your best course of action would be to spend the time to visit a dermatologist and have your skin looked at. A dermatologist will be able to develop a safe and effective plan for you. Everyone can benefit from using a salicylic acid cleansing product to wash their face twice a day, and then just a touch of benzyl peroxide cream over top of those pesky pimples. Every 3 days or so, take care to also exfoliate your skin so that you are keeping your pores clear.

Do Not Pull on Split Ends

How many women have sat at home, in their office, or waiting for someone and searched for and plucked at their hair’s split ends? A couple split ends are a necessary evil when it comes to having hair, but pulling on the split end so that one half of the end eventually tapers and falls off is not a solution. This only further weakens the hair and will undoubtedly either cause the hair to break off, or it will create yet another split end.

The only way to get rid of a split end is to trim it off with a pair of scissors. Every woman should have her hair trimmed every 6 to 8 weeks, even if all you ask to have trimmed off is 1 centimeter. See your stylist and advise them you just want a trim to get rid of split ends, and they will take care not to take any length off of your hair.

Stop Washing your Hair

This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t ever wash your hair – you definitely should – but we do wash our hair far too often. Every 2-3 days is reasonable, but every day is excessive (unless you have been rolling around in mud or have gotten particularly sweaty that day). Washing your hair too much is only further damaging it, and it is completely unnecessary. If you absolutely cannot stand not washing your hair every day, try using a “dry” shampoo every other day to help prevent any damage.