The Five Minute Makeup Strategy

The Five Minute Makeup Strategy

07.02.2017 Off By Scott Adams

At the Five Minute Mark:

Coverup and foundation and powder can take forever to apply. For those days when you’re in a bit rush, why not try an “all in one” foundation/powder formula? These foundations will also provide you with medium coverage, so any blemishes will be well concealed. Make sure that you also apply this foundation to your eyelids.

At the Four Minute Mark:

A cream eyeshadow is a great option for any woman with little time on her hands. You can take the cream eyeshadow and apply it directly to your eyelids. Make sure that you apply the eyeshadow all over the entire eyelid (you’d be surprised by how many women make eyeshadow a huge mess simply because they are in a rush in the morning!)

TIP: Opt for brown shades above anything else. Brown shades bring out the color in almost any eye color, and it looks as natural as it looks sexy.

With Three and a Half Minutes Left:

Now is the time to blend your eyeshadow. You can do this easily by grabbing your translucent loose powder and then brushing it overtop of your cream eyeshadow. This will both lessen the tone of your cream eyeshadow and it will blend away any noticeable lines and edges.

Now We’re At the Two and a Half Minute Mark:

Time for mascara! Apply one coat to your upper lashes, and one to your lower lashes if necessary. If you do apply the mascara to your lower lashes, try using the tip of the wand to do so. This will give you a more accurate application.

TIP: If you need to apply a second coat, you can sweep a second coat on right after you apply your lipstick.

You’re Getting Close! One and a Half Minutes to Go:

Grab you blush because it’s time to get flushed! A warm berry or peach shade works great with almost any skin tone. Take your blush brush and apply the blush in large circles over the apples of your cheeks. You want to sweep the blush brush from the cheeks upwards towards your eyes.

You’re Almost There! Thirty Seconds Left:

Take a lipstick that is either nude or a berry shade and swipe it over your lips, taking care to not go outside of your natural lip line. A good way to begin this application process is to first apply the lipstick to your lower lip, and then to press your lips firmly together so that the color transfers to the upper lip. This is a good way to also keep your makeup looking fresh and natural.

Still don’t think it’s possible to look gorgeous in 5 minutes or less? Try out the steps above and see for yourself!