The Guide To Finding The Right Beauty Schools For You

The Guide To Finding The Right Beauty Schools For You

16.03.2017 Off By Scott Adams

Not only is “beauty” a great industry to get into that with a very diverse profile, but deciding to look up information on different beauty schools is important. Chances are the first beauty school you can think of will not meet all of your needs, so it is important to check into what each school can offer you.

Though this guide will not necessarily point you towards the beauty schools in your area, here are some things you definitely must consider when choosing your school:

#1: Reputation

In beauty, where you went and for how long and what you took while you were there plays a huge role in what jobs you get, at least at first before your own reputation builds (which can take years!). When sifting through the potential beauty schools you would like to attend, ask yourself, what reputation does this school have? What have you heard about them?

If you don’t know a whole lot about what schools are good and which are bad, perform a couple of online searches on each school and read reviews. Visit spas, salons, and other places that offer beauty treatments and ask them their opinion of which beauty schools are the best and which are worth passing up on.

#2: Money

Unfortunately, money does play a major role in what school you go to. Before you become totally disheartened, try writing down the top 3 to 5 beauty schools that you would like to attend. Then, be sure to call up their office and see what sort of tuition or grant programs they have that can save you money. You may even qualify for some awards that will help bring down the cost of attending the school.

#3: Programs

Not all beauty schools are created equal, especially when it comes to what courses are being offered and when. Some beauty schools tend to focus more on hair, which would be completely useless for someone who is really interested in becoming a nail technician. Some schools only offer certain courses during certain semesters (for instance, from September to December may be the only time you can take classes on pedicures and nail treatment).

The length of the programs may also differ, though don’t let this determine whether or not you attend that school. Some school offer 6 month certification programs, while others offer 2 years. The 6 months may sound appealing, but consider how well that would “jive” with your current life.

Jamming that much information into your mind within 6 months is a lot for anyone to handle, and only a select few can learn in such a way. Take your time and really enjoy absorbing the information; if you are attending the school just to rush out of there, then you aren’t taking enough care to fully learn and appreciate your new profession as a beauty therapist or beauty consultant.