Top Hair Weaving Techniques

Top Hair Weaving Techniques

19.08.2017 Off By Scott Adams

Here are some of the ways in which a weave can be applied.

First, let’s start with the basics…

What is a Hair Weave?

Hair weaving is a very popular styling technique that those with thicker, less manageable hair decide to have “woven” into their hair. You can either weave fake or real human hair into your own hair to both extend your hair and to create a truly unique, different look. Most hair weaving techniques will last from one to three months in duration, all depending which weaving technique you decide to use. You can even use a brush that straightens hair.

Clip On Weaves

Clip on weaves are easily one of the least expensive forms, as you can pay as little as $20 for a clip on weave and as much as $300 for the better clip-ons (these are usually made up of human hair). These are easy, temporary solutions for a one night out where you want to have longer hair. The hair weave is attached to a clip, and you then attach that clip onto your very own hair (this works best if you are wearing your hair in a pony tail). These types of weaves won’t damage your hair and are easily removable, but they certainly are not a permanent solution if you want long hair every day.


Bonding requires the “tracks” of the weave you are using to be glued directly to the roots of your hair. The glue is specially formulated so it does as little damage to your hair as possible, but it is a tacky substance that still doesn’t seem to completely wash away. This is one of the least expensive methods and has been popular for several years, as it will only cost you only about $50 to have a bonded weave applied to your head. The glue can be rather sticky, however, and very messy. The hair used also tends to be rather stiff and really looks fake. Bonded weaves should only be left in for one week and should be removed during the next shampooing of your hair.


Taping is a lot like bonding, except it is using an adhesive tape instead of a glue. You may also come to know of this method as “Invisi-Track”. The hair tracks blend better than if you were to bond it with glue. The only problem with hair taping is that it only lasts until the next shampooing, so it is rather short lived.


Sewing is perhaps the most popular form of weaving, as it lasts the longest (up to 3 months), has little maintenance, and you look gorgeous for that long for only $200. Sewing in a weave involves using cornrows so it may be somewhat limiting when it comes to hair styles. The cornrows themselves are prone to mildew if they get wet, but if upkeep is kept then it is a great option for a weave.


Fusion is the best but also the most expensive method of having your hair weave put into place. Weave by weave, section to section is added to your hair, taking up to 5 hours and $1000+ to complete. But once the job is done, you are left with beautiful, natural looking long hair.