What Are Body Wraps?

What Are Body Wraps?

15.12.2017 Off By Scott Adams

If all you are looking for is a treatment that will leave your skin clean, purified and detoxified, then body wraps are for you.

Though the “body slimming” type of body wraps are becoming increasingly popular, the classic body wrap is still the most commonly used. You can have your skin slathered down in a number of different materials, such as clay, lotion, mud, cream, seaweed or algae (these each have different benefits for your skin, so the type of material you are slathered in will depend on your own individual needs) and your skin will improve exponentially from there depending on the type of material you chose your wrap to be.

Why Bother with Body Wraps?

Body wraps are not just some treatment that will be used to help you calm down emotionally, but it is more importantly a way to help clean out your body and draw out the toxins under the skin. If you are looking for detoxifying body wraps, ask for body wraps that are made of algae, clay, mud or seaweed. These materials will stimulate your metabolism, which will kick the cleansing process into high gear.

If you are looking to infuse your skin with hydration, then choose either a shea butter body wrap or any other body wraps that include rich lotions and creams.

How does the Body Wrap Process Work?

Before you even have a body wrap, you will often find yourself being exfoliated by a dry brushing process, or through use of a salt scrub. You will be asked to lie down during this process.

Once the different type of body wrap product is placed onto you skin, you will be wrapped up and usually left to lay in complete relaxation for 20 minutes. The key here is to keep nice and warm so that your skin may absorb the nutrients in the mask and either:

  • Slim you down, or
  • Detoxify your body

TIP: If you choose a massage along with your body wraps, then you are in for a real treat! A massage therapist who applies body wraps will be sure to give you a thorough rub down before they wrap you up tight with a towel. During the 20 minute wait time, expect to also get the best scalp massage of your life!

When the 20 minutes are over, they will then unwrap your body and gently wash you down in a warm shower. You may also be rinsed off on a wet table or a Vichy shower.

TIP: If given the option, definitely go for the hand held showering or the special Vichy shower. You will feel absolutely pampered!

When the process is over and done with, you will be dried off and usually then have a lotion or cream massaged into your skin so that you are left hydrated and silky smooth.