What Makeup To Skip Or Splurge On

What Makeup To Skip Or Splurge On

02.04.2018 Off By Scott Adams

Foundation: SPLURGE

Foundation is definitely something that you can splurge on. Buying a cheap or mediocre foundation will leave you wondering why you bothered wasting your money on the product in the first place. Cheap foundations do not have the right color and undertones in their products, they come off shortly after application, and they will often clog your pores and cause acne. Who wants to bother with that?

For a good foundation, expect to pay at least $20 for a bottle. Try to also find a foundation that contains a certain level of sun protection so that you can also benefit from having more youthful looking skin later down the line.

Eyeliner: SKIP

What is eyeliner, really? It is a stick of wax with a little bit of color. The trick to having good eyeliner is keeping it sharpened, which means you only have to buy a pencil sharpener and perhaps give a less expensive eyeliner a quick blast from your blow dryer if the eyeliner is not going on smoothly.

Lipstick: SPLURGE

No matter what you put on your lips, even if it is a “nude” colored lipstick, everyone will notice. That is why you do not want some inferior quality lipstick sitting on your lips – you know, the kind that will bleed, come off at any chance it gets, and may even be a bit “chunky” or dry-feeling when applied to your lips.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a good quality lipstick, but expect to pay more than bargain bin prices for a lipstick that will be worth wearing.

Loose Powder: SKIP

Powder is powder. In a pinch you can even use corn starch or baby powder on your face, two products that are significantly less expensive than any store brand loose powder.

As long as you can find a translucent loose powder or any loose powder that is somewhat close to your skin tone, it will not make a significant difference either way in your skin tone and color. The purpose of powder is just to help set your makeup and reduce any shine that may be present.

Concealer: SPLURGE

What’s the point to wearing concealer if it doesn’t even stay on long enough to “conceal” anything? You want to invest in a concealer that is close to your skin tone (ideally the concealer should be a shade or two lighter than your natural skin tone) and you want to wear a concealer that you know can stand the test of time, meaning that it should last until the very end of the day.

Splurging on concealer doesn’t mean that you have to go out and buy a $30 concealing product; depending on your needs and what needs to be concealed, the type of concealer you buy and the “coverage” you need may vary. But for anyone with moderate coverage required (think pimples or any other red blemishes) then paying $8-$15 is fairly reasonable.