Your Hair Color Guide: Can I “Go” That Color?

Your Hair Color Guide: Can I “Go” That Color?

05.06.2017 Off By Scott Adams

This hair color guide will tell you just who can turn “what” hair color and in what degree. So if you are thinking of going blond, brown, red or staying the hair color you are, follow these tips and you will surely have the best looking hair of everyone you meet.

Going Blonde

Being a blonde is definitely the most coveted of the hair colors, and it is also one of the most easily achieved (though most difficult maintained). All you need is a bottle of bleach and a follow up bottle of thick, hydrating conditioner and you’re good to go! But not all people should try to “go blonde”.

A lot of women who currently have a lighter brown or even medium brown shade of hair in their adult years, but were born with the platinum blonde locks they desire. If this is you, then there’s a good chance you will look great with that platinum blonde hair once again. Women with pale skin that is prone to sun burns, and that have blue or green eyes, also tend to pull off the “blonde” look really well and they look as if they are naturally blonde.

Going Red

Being a redhead is the next most desired hair color out there. There are also a lot of different shades of red, ranging from light accents of red in brown dyes to full blown red hair. The good news about having red hair is that almost anyone on this planet can be a redhead; the trick is to find a shade of red that works for you.

Depending on your skin tone and eye color, a certain shade of red may look better on you than others. Before you decide to “go red”, it’s a good idea to have a professional consultation and to also have a professional do at least the first hair dying so that you look your best. It’s easy to go wrong with red, so unless you are risky or are sure of what you are doing, definitely have a professional dye your hair for you.

Going Brown

Though it seems that us ladies are all trying to stray away from our “boring” brown roots, the fact of the matter is that brown hair isn’t boring at all! If you already have brown hair and if you have very pale skin, try lightening the brown hair by a shade or two. This will help bring some warmth to your skin and prevent you from having the dreaded “washed out” look.

If you have a more olive skin tone, consider going for rich brown shades. If you have medium toned skin, go for those shades that incorporate red highlights and for the darkest of brown shades of hair out there think about adding light hints of lighter brown and red to your hair for a multidimensional effect.